Mary Jane Reed 2005 
Cervical X Rays
Odontoid Bone
Odontoid Bone
Vertebra vs Vertebra
(As reported by the experts)

The following x-ray images clearly identify the odontoid extension of the decedent's C-2 vertebra.  Remmant images of the decedent's C-1 vertebra can be seen with reasonable certainty at the facet points of articulation atop of the imaged C-2 vertebra.

The image of what is left of the C-1 vertebra would seem to also clearly indicate that at least the frontal portion (Bone connecting the right and left facets) of the C-1 vertebra has been broken out or manually removed from the right and left facets.

The C-1 vertebra given to the Reed family's experts, which DOES articulate and match the skull given to the family IS NOT BROKEN, nor does it possess any other anomalies or defects.

The only reasonable conclusion that can be drawn is that the broken C-1 vertebra as imaged by the X-rays (Which articulates near perfectly with the C-2 vertebra in the same image) DOES belong to the victim.

Furthermore that the C-1 vertebra given to the Reed family and then their experts (Which articulates perfectly with the skull given to the Reed family and their experts) DOES NOT belong to the female victim, Mary Jane Reed.