Mary Jane Reed
11/15/1930 - 6/??/1948
Exhibit "A" images the alignment and/or articulation normally found in the human cervical spinal column.  Note specifically the congruent alignment and articulation of the C-1 & C-2 (top two vertebrae).

Exhibit "B" is a photo of the actual C-1 thru C-7 vertebrae as examined and described in the report of the Illinois State Police lab.  Exhibit "B" is also a photo of the exact C-1 thru C-7 vertebrae as examined and described by board certified forensic anthropologist Dr. Linda Klepinger PhD. in her report.  
*NOTE: the obvious non-articulation/alignment of the C-2 (top two vertebrae).

Exhibit "C" is an X-ray image (NOT a radiograph!) of the female victim's cervical vertebrae C-1 thru C-4 taken minutes after her body was exhumed and before any disruption of a physical examination was to take place.
*NOTE: the posterior and anterior lack of connecting lateral bone mass between the right and left articulation facets of the C-1 vertebrae.  Also note the normal articulation of the remaining remnant pieces of the right and left C-1 vertebrae to the right and left lower connecting facets to the C-2 vertebrae.