Mary Jane Reed

Devils backbone is a crooked road
Dust rises as memories unfold
The lost words of a story untold
The wind howls with brunette tresses
Of barefoot girls in cotton dresses
Complexions as soft as the fallen snow
To resurrect times faded rose
As angels fall
Angels will ascend
The wind will rise and fall again
How many coins tossed into the wishing well?
Looking for answers that time may never tell
What becomes of hungers newborn seed?
With empty hands of hearts and souls in need
Where fingertips touch like fallen leaves
There will be a day of heavens reign
Where everything defiled will be washed clean
The humble and righteous will heal the vain
The scent of roses will blow in the breeze
Branded to the memory of a lost love indeed
And time can't erase the essence
Of Mary Jane Reed

Written by Val A Stanley
November 5, 2002

 by Val A Stanley